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PGA REACH Minnesota Fundraising Programs

PGA REACH Minnesota has partnered with the Bloom Organization to give you the opportunity to earn a free, personalized Sun Mountain golf bag! Proceeds from this partnership directly benefit various junior golf programs and our military component, PGA HOPE.

Wondering how this program works? Simply ask supporters through email, text, or social media to make an online donation to your custom fundraiser page (that we build for you). When the goal amount is raised, the fundraiser will earn a limited-edition Sun Mountain golf bag. This golf bag will be a visual reminder to everyone that you have participated in this program to help others – it’s his/her bag of honor!

Earn Your Customized Sun Mountain Golf Bag By Signing Up Below!

Online Fundraising Program:

  • It’s a simple and user-friendly online fundraiser that generates proceeds for PGA REACH Minnesota
  • It offers juniors, veterans, and golfers the opportunity to earn a free, limited-edition personalized Sun Mountain golf bag (golfer’s name will be embroidered on the ball pocket along with the ‘Sota Series, PGA REACH Minnesota, or PGA HOPE logo)
  • The fundraising program typically lasts 18 days
  • Participants receive every element necessary to succeed including their custom-built fundraising page and series of communication about Minnesota Junior Golf ‘Sota Series, PGA REACH Minnesota or PGA HOPE
  • Once the fundraiser reaches the $300 or $350 goal, he/she will earn a free, personalized golf bag!
  • Net proceeds will support PGA REACH Minnesota’s junior golf programs and military component, PGA HOPE

For more information and questions, please contact:
Jessie Stewart, PGA; Bloom; | (844) 534-3168
Catherine Wagner, PGA REACH Minnesota;

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