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Education Opportunities

The Minnesota Section PGA has various opportunities to attend seminars and educations online throughout the year.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Monday, March 29 | 9:00A.M.-10:30A.M. – Speed Training

Best Practices in Speed Training – Join Luke Benoit and Scott McDonald, the creators of Rypstick as they walk you through the science of speed. This educational offering will focus on the benefits of speed training for all golfers. Why does speed training work and what do the studies show about possible distance gains? What would a speed training program look like with your students and how easy is it to get started? What other workouts/exercises needed to be incorporated to see maximum gains? How does speed training benefit your students and grow the programming at your club? The distance topic is hotter than ever, join us for this webinar to learn how your students can bomb it!

PGA Members joining live will receive 2 MSRs. Your individual join link will be sent upon registration.

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Monday, April 19 | 8:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M. – PGA HOPE Training

PGA Hope Instructor Training at Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale, MN. The Minnesota PGA is teaming up with PGA REACH to provide specialized training to our PGA Professionals on adaptive golf training. Attendees will be trained on the best and most effective methods for coaching wounded warriors, veterans, and those with physical limitations. Students will be better prepared to engage the veteran communities in which they serve and engage in PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) programming. The session will be a combination of classroom and practical, hands-on training with National Trainer, Joe Grohman.

All PGA Members applying for PGA HOPE funding must be a PGA HOPE certified instructor. Unless you attend a training, you are not a certified instructor.

*Six (6) PGA Required MSR available to attendees.

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Below are past webinars that have been recorded.

MSR credit may be earned for online education seminars offered by the Minnesota Section PGA. In order to earn MSR credit, you must score a 70% or higher on the quiz. If you do not score 70% or higher, you will be allowed one (1) re-take opportunity.

The MSR cycle began June 16, 2018 and will run through June 15, 2022.


Science of Speed Training (March 29, 2021)

PGA Jr. League Virtual Training (March 23, 2021)

Larry Fitzgerald: Emerge: Leading During Challenging Times


Martin du Toit: Golf Stats Coach

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James Leitz: Trackman and Gears 3D Technology

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Chris Foley: How to Create Your Teaching Baseline

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Chandler Withington: How to Take the Next Step in Your Career

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