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Player Development

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Player Development Handbook

The Minnesota Section PGA supports its members and associates in their player development efforts in our local communities. The Section’s player development staff and committee members are dedicated to providing support tools to Minnesota Section PGA Professionals in introducing golfers to the game, enhancing skills, and increasing rounds played. Included in this player development handbook is a series of programs and best practices for you to use as you grow your business, increase your job security, and create new customers.

Cover of Player Development Handbook

Golf In Schools

The Golf in Schools program has been developed to enhance and grow the game of golf with elementary and intermediate school aged children. Children learn the basics and fundamentals of the game while being taught valuable life skills and lessons.

Through a relationship with The First Tee, Minnesota PGA Professionals have an opportunity to use the National School Program curriculum and receive funding through the Minnesota License Plate grant for delivering the program at local elementary schools. The program must be sponsored by a PGA Professional or PGA Associate and the use of ShortGolf ® equipment is required. ShortGolf ® equipment provides a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Certification Process 

Each PGA Professional must take part in a Certification Process to ensure that participants are introduced to golf in an enjoyable manner while seamlessly emphasizing the essential link between golf and life skills. The First Tee offers online training to those Professionals interested in teaching in schools. Please contact the Minnesota Section office if you are interested in a FREE online training session. Once you complete the training and schools have agreed to host the program, each school completes an “Individual Partner Agreement” and submits to The First Tee HQ.

Getting into Schools

Are you ready to contact elementary schools? You should get in contact with respective superintendents, principals and physical education instructors within a desired school district. The goal is to target three (3) elementary schools within one district to deliver a Golf in Schools program.

Contact Catherine Wagner for additional information or questions.